ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)

basic information on common disorders of the ear, nose and throat

When should you see an ENT doctor

In medical parlance ENT represents branch of medicine that caters to ailments related to the Ear, nose and throat. All the three organs are vital for our existence as well as activities across professions and age profiles. In most situations, we tend to look out for an ‘ENT hospital near me’ or an ‘ENT doctor near me’.  Let us now understand some of the events that make it essential for you to visit an ENT doctor or an ENT hospital.

Ear, nose and throat are described as the sensory organs and impact your hearing and a sense of balance.  Nose gives you the sense of smell but is also partly in charge of giving you sense of taste. The nose also has a significant role in humidifying the air that we breathe and also prevents germs from gaining entry into our body. The throat acts as the gateway for air delivery to your lungs as well as for water and food to get to the digestive tract. When any one of these organs or more than one organ is affected, it can cause serious indisposition and potentially you may need to stay out of work. In many situations when the nose or throat is affected, it tends to impact the other organs in the ENT system. Often times, your primary health care provider may not be adequate to address issues in the ENT domain and you may be referred to a specialist ENT doctor or an ENT hospital.

Some of the common disorders related to ENT include Tonsillitis, ear infection, sinus infection and sleep apnea. A brief overview of these ailments is provided below:-

The rest of this article will provide basic information on common disorders of the ear, nose and throat.


If the Tonsils sitting around your neck region, gets inflamed, the resulting ailment is known as tonsillitis. This condition can be triggered by common cold, strep throat or mono and in severe conditions it can cause throat pain also. When this condition persists or repeats at frequent intervals, the inflammation may need to be removed surgically. Cold food, sweets of all description and certain other foods can aggravate the condition leading to elevated suffering.

Ear infections

Ear infections can result from germs entering the ear and getting trapped there. You may experience hearing loss, pain, drainage from your ears, respiratory issues and balance problems. Small children are more susceptible to ear infections.

Sinus infections

Cavities surrounding the nose and eyes are known as sinuses and impact vocal resonance. When these cavities are infected by viruses or bacteria or  inflamed on account of allergies or similar conditions they give rise to a series of ailments like Headache, Breathing difficulty Cough and sneezing Toothache And more

Sleep Apnea

For some people normal breathing stops momentarily when they are in deep sleep. Obesity, enlarged tonsils, a shorter than normal airway are among the causes of sleep apnea

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